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Utah History

The Scofield Mine Disaster

On May 1st, 1900, the towns of Scofield and Winter’s Quarters located in Carbon County, UT, suffered one of the worst mining disasters in United States history. Scofield was once…

Cotton Thistle

Onopordum acanthium or nicknamed cotton thistle is a plant native to Europe and Asia. Cotton thistle grows abundantly in North America but is not native to the continent. The plant…

Common Ground Beetles

Ground beetles are one of the largest groups of beetles in North America. The ground beetles consist of many species of beetles that can have a wide range of color…
Baby Marmot In grass
Conservation Projects


The Yellow-Bellied Marmot    Common Name: Yellow-Bellied Marmot  Scientific Name: Marmota flaviventris Weight: 3.5 to 11 pounds Life Span: 15 years Diet: Grass, grains, leaves, flowers, seeds, eggs, and insects…