Salmonfly Population Survey in the Provo River

Salmonfly nymphs (Pteronarcys californica) serve critical roles in maintaining the health of our aquatic ecosystems. Unfortunately, this species has experienced some unexpected changes to their population and range, but you can help.

What is involved in this project?

Along with Jackson Birrell, a Ph.D. student at the University of Montana, we will be collecting samples and data that will aid future watershed management and our ability to predict how aquatic insect communities will respond to climate change.

He needs help collecting samples. This is your opportunity to preserve Utah’s precious ecosystems.

We will be wading through knee-high to thigh-high waters in the Provo River, systematically collecting insects at previously designated locations. This water is cold and may be swift, so please gain access to your own waders, and be prepared to withstand strong currents to perform scientific sampling.

Where and when?

The project will take place along the Provo River in Utah County during the month of October.

We need ONE (1) person per weekday and FIVE (5) people on Saturdays.

What to bring:

  • Waders and boots (chest waders, if possible, as opposed to hip waders).
  • Weather-appropriate insulation (Note: it gets cold out there on the water and often you will be in the breezy canyons!).
  • Rain gear and warm gloves.
  • Sunglasses with a strap to keep them from falling off and a hat
  • Water, snacks, lunch.

Sign up to help 9am – 5pm on a weekday


Sign up to help 9am – 5pm on a Saturday