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Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes can be anywhere from 3-7 feet long. They are 4-5 feet. The babies can start out at 20 inches. 

The gopher snake is yellow to dark brown in color, and on the sides their body is gray. They are a spotted snake, usually dark brown in color. 

The gopher snake is usually active during the day, but sometimes they’re on the move at dusk or even at night in warmer weather. They will be found in drier environments such as meadows, fields, and farmland. 

Pogona Lizard

Pogona Lizards were originally from the deserts in Australia. They live in woodlands and deserts. They are cold blooded and cannot live in cold climates. They enjoy sunning themselves on rocks in the morning.

They were named “bearded dragon” because of their beard on the underside of their throat. They have a triangular-shaped head and boney scales along their back. They have a broad, triangular head and flattened body. They can change their color to be able to absorb more heat. They are not dangerous to humans, although they have venom, which helps against small animals.

The Leopard Gecko

The Leopard Gecko has its roots in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Iran. It has become a common pet, and some feel it is the first domesticated species of lizard. They thrive in rocky, dry grassland, and desert regions. They need arid areas with little vegetation and they like crevices in rocks and earth to escape the heat and cold. They can tolerate extreme heat and cold by moving into the earth and hibernating while living on their fat stored in their tail.