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Utah Lake Field Station

Utah Lake Habitat Restoration Utah Lake Field Station

Planning for the Future

Monarch Habitat Restoration Hutchings Museum Institute Field Station

Monarch Habitat Restoration

Kestrel Monitoring Hutchings Museum Institute

Kestral Box Monitoring

Ute Ladies Tresses Utah Lake Field Station Hutchings Museum Institute

 Wildlife Survey

Biological field stations provide living libraries and outdoor laboratories for students, researchers, and the general public interested in the environment.

We are committed to advancing our understanding of the Earth by supporting research, teaching, and public education.

Documenting Micro-invertebrates Utah Lake Field Station

What is a Field Station?

Research stations provide an invaluable service to local communities and the country by providing unbiased scientific information and facilities to help governmental and other stakeholders tackle critical environmental issues. Field station staff and researchers play a critical role in ensuring that environmental considerations are factored into local and regional planning and development decisions.

Utah Lake iNaturalist Project

Ever wondered what plants and wildlife live around you? iNaturalist is an app that allows you to record and photograph plants and wildlife wherever you go. This helps biologists record and track species from all over.

Clean Up

Need a volunteer activity for a youth group, company event, or school class?

The shoreline around the lake has collected large amounts of garbage. Much of the garbage has become stuck and entangled in the surrounding plant and animal life, making it hard for animals and plants to thrive. Many fish and birds have entangled themselves in the garbage that has blown into their habitats. 

Monarchs face a new challenge today as milkweed is rapidly decreasing from new developments and the popular use of herbicides in croplands.

Monarch Waystations provide milkweed (the only plant monarchs will lay eggs on) and other native pollinating wildflowers.

Want to start a Monarch Waystation on your business or private property?

We can guide you through the process and provide seeds at educational material at a minimal cost.

How you can help

Native WildFlowers MuseumFlowerBed

Planting native, drought-tolerant wildflowers, is an easy way to help pollinators, reduce water use and beautify any landscape.

Cities, businesses, and homeowners can contribute to the total amount of pollinating flowers we have, and continue to lose to development.