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LDS Service Missionaries at the Hutchings Museum Institute

Missionaries at the Museum

The Hutchings Museum Institute is a private non-profit community charitable organization.  It has been selected as a site for LDS Service Missionaries to serve, learn and grow.

We are grateful for the many dedicated hours of volunteer service provided by Young LDS Service Missionaries at the museum and in all of our community projects.

What does a Service Mission look like at the Hutchings Museum Institute?

Furthering Education and Technology 

See how this Latter-day Saint Service Missionary with spina bifida is helping to develop VR technology  


Elder Gage Bentley is helping to develop virtual reality technology at the Hutchings Museum Institute as part of his assignment as a Latter-day Saint service missionary.

Opportunities to learn and teach


LDS Service Missionaries, along with community volunteers and staff, educate and entertain the community with a variety of animal shows and programs.

See how Elder Bues was able to expand his knowledge and skills in education and outreach while serving his mission at the Hutchings Museum Institute

Areas of Service 


Help restore natural and native habitat around our Utah Lake Field Station!


Learn historical preservation through Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, and artifact scanning.


Learn unique teachings skills and share your knowledge with the community.


Learn how to help preserve, prepare, and display historical artifacts.