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Common Name: Asian Forest Scorpion

Scientific Name: Heterometrus longimanus

Type: Arthropod

Family: Scorpionidae

Genus: Heterometrus longimanus

Diet: Insects, crickets, and spiders

Life Span: 7 to 8 years

Size: 5 inches long

Weight: 10 to 100 grams

Location: Asian Rainforest

Asian Forest Scorpion

Does it make a good pet?

Yes, they can make great pets. They are for the more experienced keepers. Although they can sting you, their stings are no more dangerous than a bee sting.

It’s important that your animal is captive-bred. Captive-bred animals are healthier and are not reducing the wild populations that many wild-caught ones can. Always make sure the habitats are as close to their native conditions as possible.

Heat: 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit

UVB: 10.0 uvb can never hurt, it maintains natural health and behavior

Diet: Insects, crickets, and spiders

Water: Shallow water dish


Native to rainforests in Asia, often found by rocks, logs, and in burrows.

Conservation Status: Least Concern (Population stable)

Family: Scorpionidae

Order: Scorpiones

Phylum: Arthropoda

Genus: Heterometrus