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Facing the Wild

On Monday the 19th through Wednesday the 21st, we got the awesome opportunity to work with Tyler White, recruiter for the Special Forces in the Military. He taught some of our staff and volunteers Bushcraft – essential survival skills.

While filming, Ben Woodruff helped us better understand the history on how natives used the natural resources around them to survive – including understanding and using different guns, such as black powder rifles and flint locks. You can learn how to make wild cordage (rope), creating a shelter, how to procure water and more!

Through this adventure, we got to learn and experience skills such as how to build and place shelters, properly break and carry supplies to reserve energy, how to use different plants for hygiene and wounds, where to get the right supplies you need, and how to prepare traps for food.

It was hard constant work, but skills you can rely on in any situation! Enroll in his class to know these skills from our Institute courses to get preparation for higher intensity survival training! Learn how to work in a survival environment with the resources you have with professional instruction. Transition from watching to doing with Tyler White! How do you think learning about these skills and history impact us today?

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