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Help Birds Survive the Winter

More birds die in February than any other month. Natural seed sources are depleted, insects and fruit are nowhere to be found, and water is frozen making it inaccessible. The lack of food and shelter makes it very difficult for birds to survive the cold. Here’s how you can help.

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Provide Shelter

Birds have a hard time surviving in the winter. Provide a dry space away from the wind and storm. Adding hay or mulch will make it nice and cozy for the birds!

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Feed The Birds

Try to get a good mix of peanuts, seeds, and live food like mealworms.

Avoid salt, desiccated coconut, and dairy.

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Beware of Predators

If you have a house cat that enjoys wandering outside, do not put a bird feeder in your back yard. That is essentially setting a trap for wild birds to be hunted by your feline.

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Museum Bird House

Get Supplies

We have birdhouses and seeds available for purchase. Come visit the Hutchings Museum gift shop!