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Common Name: Argentine Horned Frog

Scientific Name: Ceratophrys ornata

Type: Amphibian

Family: Ceratophryidae

Genus: Ceratophrys

Diet: rats, mice, birds, lizards, arthropods, and other frogs

Life Span: 6 to 7 years

Size: 2 to 7 inches in length

Weight: 1lb

Location: Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil

Argentine Horned Frog
Baby Horned Frog

Does it make a good pet?

Yes, they can make great pets. They are for the more experienced keepers. Many like to handle these but you do not want to do it frequently and should use powder-less gloves with no rubber.

It’s important that your animal is captive bred. Captive bred animals are healthier and are not reducing the wild populations that many wild caught one’s can. Always make sure the habitats are as close to the native conditions as possible

Humidity: Substrate or humidifier to keep humidity

Heat: 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit

Diet: crickets roaches meal worms with an occasional pinky

Water: Spray water to keep substrate moist because they drink water through their skin


Their environment is wet tropical rain forests covered in mud and leaves. The frogs spend most of their time hidden in the leaves wiggling their toes to lure in prey.

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (Population decreasing)

Family: Ceratophryidae

Order: Anura

Phylum: Chordata

Genus: Ceratophrys