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Date: April 9

Time: 7 pm

Location: Hutchings Museum Institute

Cost: $4/$5 admission, free for Family Pass holders

Join us for the first of our Insights from Artifacts series!  Reid Moon will share new insights, lesser-known histories, and other stories from the Holocaust gleaned from his rare collection of photographs, letters, and personal items of Emilie and Oskar Schindler. On view will be a selection of artifacts from the collection. Please register to attend.

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About Emilie and Oskar Schindler

Known for one of the greatest humanitarian acts of the 20th century, Emilie and Oskar Schindler helped save the lives of over a thousand Jews during World War II, inspiring the Academy Award winning movie Schindler’s List.

Selected Photographs from the Schindler Collection

Emilie Schindler and Duck
Emilie Schindler and Child
Schindler Collection - Two men and a horse
Emilie Schindler Passport Photo