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John and Eunice Hutchings

John Hutchings was a lifetime naturalist and collector and was a native of Lehi, Utah. His passion for natural history and interest in youth groups inspired many generations and led to the establishment of the Hutchings Museum.

Born in Lehi on March 11th, 1889, from an early age John Hutchings was noted for his curiosity in natural history and for his collection of artifacts, gathered from the Lehi area. As a young boy, he would collect arrowheads and pottery shards around Utah lake. His collection grew as he got older. John Hutchings Married Eunice Mary Colledge in 1913. Eunice shared his love of natural history and helped John collect many of the artifacts now displayed in the Hutchings Museum.

In 1955 John Hutchings donated his collection to the city of Lehi. The collection is now stored in the Hutchings Museum.

John and Eunice

Memories of John Hutchings

¬†John Hutchings Describe artifacts in the Museum’s collection from 1972 – 1973.

John Hutchings & Timpanogos Cave