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Kestrel Box Solar Powered Camera Bundle Kit

Components Included in Kit

Kestrel Box Kit
with Solar Power

Kit includes:

  • Lookout Dual LTE Verizon (Trailcam)

  • Moultrie Universal Game Camera Stake

    (Trailcam stake, if mounting on the ground)

  • Solar Power kit for the Trailcam

    (The lead acid battery is not included)

  • Duracell Ultra 12V 7AH AGM SLA Battery with F1 Terminals Lead Acid

    (battery to go with Solar power kit to keep the camera powered when its not sunny)

  • ExpertPower 12v 7ah Lead Acid Battery (other camera option)

  • Security Box

  • Security Cable to secure the Security Box

  • Swivel Mount to attach security box

  • Kestrel Box

  • 64GB SD Card (required to run the camera)

  • Installation

  • Ridgetec Camera Service data plan (renews annually for $180)