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Mayor George W. Leany

Mayor of Lehi, 1950-1953

1950 George W. Leany


Councilors: John S. Broadbent, S. Rex Zimmerman, George T. Strasburg, John W. Zimmerman, Virgil H. Peterson, Lynn R. Webb, Joseph Rothe, Donald Wright.

Recorder: Gerald R. Winslow, T. F. Kirkham

Marshal: Clemson Turner, George A. Ricks

Fire Chief: Thomas Powers, John Broadbent

Treasurer: Blanche Turner

Justice: George S. Peterson, Leland Powell

Attorney: O. DeVere Wooton, Harvard R. Hinton

A 25 February 1949 act of the State Legislature changed term of mayor and two councilmen to four-year  terms and specified that the other three council position were to become four-year terms starting in 1951
Peterson resigned on 1 January 1950 to serve in State Legislature and was replaced by Lynn R. Webb on 27 December 1950
Rothe resigned and George T. Strasburg was appointed 14 January 1952
Wright resigned on 16 July 1953 and was replaced by George T. Strasburg.
Harvard R. Hinton was appointed city attorney on 1 March 1952