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Mayor Harold D. Westring

Mayor of Lehi, 1958-1965

1958 Harold D. Westring


Councilors: Howard W. Robinson, Ralph Hoover, Hugh Otterson, Dean Kirkham, Ernest B. Garret, Grant B Smith, J. B. Cooper, Morris W. Clark, Alva Ralph Wing, Don A. Peterson, Arthur J. Sabey.

Recorder: Ned F. Wilson

Marshal: Clemson Turner, Anthony J. Ferkovich, Berl Peterson

Fire Chief: Cloyed Penrod

Treasurer: Katherine Smith, Donna Chilton, Lucille J. Evans

Justice: Leland Powell, Lorenzo Eckersley

Attorney: Harvard R. Hinton

Hoover resigned 20 October 1960 and was replaced by Arthur J. Sabey
Anthony J Ferkovich replaced Turner on 1 January 1961.
Ferkovich resigned and was replaced by Berl Peterson on 24 September 1963.
Smuin resigned and was replaced by Donna Chilton on 1 July 1960
Powell died 26 February 1965 and was replaced by Lorenzo Eckersley on 4 March 1963.