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Mayor John R . Murdock

Mayor of Lehi, 1861-1862

1861 John R. Murdock


Alderman: James W. Taylor, William Snow, John W. Norton, William Fotheringham, William Clark

Councilors: Thomas Ashton, W. S. S. Willes, John C. Nagle, John Zimmerman, Henry Norton, J. B. Morton, Hugh Hilton, William Clark. Abraham Losee, William Goates, Paulinas H. Allred

Recorder: Joseph T. H. Colledge 

Marshal: John S. Lott

Treasurer: Abram Hatch

James W. Taylor acted as mayor pro-tempore during the summer months while Mayor Murdock was on an LDS Mission.
Fotheringham resigned and William Clark was appointed 27 April 1861.
Hilton resigned and was replaced by William Goates on 10 November 1861.
Clark resigned and was replaced by Paulinas H. Allred.
*By a 16 January 1862 act of the Legislative Assembly, the City Council was reduced to one mayor, two aldermen, and three councilors.