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On Monday, volunteers were welcomed to join us in making and assembling kits for Days for Girls. During this activity, we folded underwear cut PUL and made 33 full kits! These kits are set to go to Madagascar in July! You can help us reach our goal of 600 kits with tracing fabric, cutting our patterns, sewing and ironing – all from home or here at the Museum!

Tuesday was full of fun Pioneer activities! We had various games going on through the Museum, inside and outside. All ages, kids and parents, enjoyed coloring puppets, shooting outlaws with rubber band guns, and taking a tour of the first Lehi cabin. You could learn how to tie several knots with rope, see and pet baby goats, and play games with marbles and jacks!

Animal Shows were a favorite for Wednesday. We had three going on throughout the day – 1:00, 4:00, and 7:00. During these shows, kids got to see up close – and sometimes touch – animals we had here at the Museum as well as personal pets from our Gamekeeper, Conner. All ages loved learning cool facts, how they protect or disguise themselves from predators and how they help the environment.

Rock panning was quite the activity for Thursday! Not only did families come in to see and learn about the largest rock collection in Utah county, they could also find valuables mixed in with everyday rocks and minerals! Sifting through sand to findĀ  amethyst, jasper, malachite, agate, or pyrite was exciting and educational for everyone!

Friday had several activities for everyone to participate in. Making a dreamcatcher, advanced or simple, got all ages involved and excited to see their finale masterpiece. Put together a bird feeder – a pine cone coated in peanut butter and sprinkled seeds on top. Hang up to watch birds from distance enjoying your treat for them. Punching holes through a template onto aluminum foil to have a design to shine a light through took work, but loved the excitement of the final product!

Saturday we were part of the parade! Some of the Animal team went to do a show through our Outreach Program at Margaret Wines Park. They loved it so much, they asked us to do it again next year! These animals were all friends of our Gamekeepers, or his own! It was great to have the community see many variations part of the animal kingdom.