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Common Name: Common leopard gecko

Scientific Name: Eublepharis macularius

Type: Reptile

Family: Eublepharidae

Genus: Eublepharis

Diet: mealworms and crickets

Life Span: 15 years

Size: 7 to 11 inches in length

Weight: 50 to 80 grams

Location: Afghanistan, Pakistan, north-west India, and Iran

Leopard Gecko close-up

Does it make a good pet?

Yes, they can make great pets.

It’s important that your animal is captive bred. Captive-bred animals are healthier and are not reducing the wild populations that many wild-caught ones can. Always make sure the habitats are as close to their native conditions as possible.

Heat: Basking spot of 90° Fahrenheit and 74 to 80° Fahrenheit for the rest of the habitat

UVB: 10.0 for a little period of time as they absorb uvb fast and don’t need it as much as other animals do.

Diet: Crickets and meal worms

Water: Water dish and wet moss where they sleep


Their habitats are rocky, grasslands, and desert regions in their native environments.
They are sensitive to heat and cold, so they hunt around dusk and dawn when it’s just right.

Conservation Status: Least Concern (Population stable)

Family: Eublepharidae

Order: Scaled reptile/Squamata

Phylum: Chordata

Genus: Eublepharis

Leopard Gecko