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NASA STEM Series: Mission to Mars Summer Challenge

Included in admission – free for Family Pass holders!

Recommended ages: 8 – 14, but all ages are welcome!

This 5-part series immerses youth in the latest exploration of Mars. Come engage in a journey of space exploration with hands-on activities and lessons designed by NASA!

July 8, 2021 @ 1 pm: Learn about Mars

Both artists and scientists need careful observation skills to interpret and understand the scene being viewed.  This STEAM-oriented session grows kids’ skills and their understanding of the surface of Mars using basic concepts of art.

July 15, 2021 @ 1 pm: Plan Your Mission

What instruments would help you learn more about Mars and answer the questions you are curious about? In this session, learn what tools to include on a roverand, and play a game to design a full mission from launch to landing.

July 22, 2021 @ 1 pm: Design Your Spacecraft

Gain the skills to think like an engineer as they construct their own rover and helicopter!

Make a cardboard rover and a paper Mars helicopter!

July 29, 2021 @ 1 pm: Surface Operations

Play a board game to move a rover to a spot on Mars where it can study interesting rocks, then learn to think like a scientist to describe rocks made from clay.

August 5, 2021 @ 1 pm:  Sample Handling

Get your tech on and code in Scratch to address rover and helicopter challenges. No coding experience needed!