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Beaded Native American Boots Hutchings Museum and Institute

Native American Outreach Program

This presentation covers different technology that the Native Americans used before and during the Wild West era, what resources they had, and how they used them in their everyday lives. We go over some of the different dwellings, hunter and gatherer lifestyle, and the variety of cultures.

Add a craft:

Rock Art $2 per student: We go over the different types of Native American rock art, petroglyphs, and pictographs. The students are given a plaster plate that they can do their own “Rock Art” on and tell their own stories. This activity is for 2nd grade and up.

Medicine Bags $4 per student: This portion teaches about the medicine bag and what they were used for, as well as the importance of the items placed in them. Each student will be given a medicine bag to make, and we will supply different items that can be placed in the bag. This activity is recommended for 4th grade and up.

Ask about activities geared towards younger students.


30 Minute Presentation: $100

1 Hour Presentation: $175

*Additional fees may apply for locations more than 30 miles from the museum.

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