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Preparing the Future

As we prepare to get classes and activities out to the public, our Media Crew is charging ahead on preparation! Each video posted to YouTube or available on our website is done over time; ensuring those teaching are comfortable, find time to record without interruption, and editing it all together. Join our Volunteers and Staff as they teach the exhibits, be involved in events and activities, history of people and artifacts plus so much more! Any volunteers are welcome as availability changes for everyone with school, vacation, or personal time.

As technology grows over time, we look for new and easy ways to bring history to everyone. In March 2021, we installed an interactive panel at the Museum! With this touchscreen set up, you can now see 3D models of our Native American collections. Visit the Museum today to explore and learn about history in our digital display!

Not all recordings are done here at the Museum! From Fairfield to Mongolia, our Videography team stays busy with events, service and even interviews. Pictured below is some accounts of what our Staff and camera crew have been able to do! Visiting the Black History Museum in February 2020 was a big step to “celebrate stories of excellence and history”. This stormy weather didn’t stop people from seeing American’s history and success in Black lives. During the Native American Summit in April 2021, our Director was invited by the Ute Indian Tribe. This Summit was heard by state officials on how Tribe’s can embrace progress while simultaneously keeping important traditions. In August of 2021, we invited members of Lehi City including the Mayor, Bryan Fugal and a family member of the John Hutchings. This Legislature Lunch, including food, was focused on the importance of the Museum, its impact, and the unique collections we hold. That same month, learning from the Timpanogos Tribe, we got together and recorded how they would collect and dry fish. This included volunteers, our Director, Leader of the Timpanogos Tribe and took place at our friend Darwin’s property.

As the school year comes around, teachers can gather their class and bring them to the Museum for a Field Trip Tour! Within this tour, any age can come. From homeschool to high school, we encourage learning during this one on one educational trip. Each group can learn in more detail about Native Americans, Bird and live animals, Wild West, Pioneer life, Ancient life, and Rocks and Minerals. Continue visiting the Museum as we throw in our rotating exhibit to the tour!

Each Museum teacher learns best from watching, practicing with others, and then doing it individually in a tour. We also offer tours when you come into the Museum. Make sure to schedule ahead to get a discount and the School Field Trip price! With our staff and volunteers available, we answer any questions that may arise, sometimes even a little background story of how John Hutchings’ family got the artifact!

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