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Only the Best

While our manager was away on vacation, our volunteers and staff members worked together to “Heart Attack” her office! To show her care and appreciation, she sometimes takes the staff and volunteers out to lunch, gives birthday cards to everyone, and works hard to manage everyone’s changing schedules.

We love and appreciate Leah and all her work, friendship, and knowledge she brings to us all and our guests! She’s been Manager of Hutchings Museum for 4 years and we look forward to more good times ahead!

As time goes on, Museum staff members come and go. Thank you to those that worked hard and did so much for us! Though long weeks occur, our staff has always enjoyed the work they do, the friendships they make, and the impact they give. Working as a team may seem hard, but we all have a system to work together and get things done! Insight from everyone is encouraged as we go through this ever changing world. Thank you to Kito, Camilla, Maya, Michelle and Thomas for all you do! Life can get pretty busy but seeing these faces every once in a while can never go wrong!

As the Museum welcomes any volunteers, it’s a great place for Service Missionaries to learn, grow and experience history like never before – using their talents to work within the Museum walls! There are many volunteer opportunities that are available; using your knowledge with the animal care team, juggling chapter lead for Days for Girls and staying busy with events and never ending research – there’s something for everyone!

Thank you to Elder Webb, Sister Monsen, Sister Barker, Elder Stastney, Sister Garn, James and Sister Palmer for all your hard work and determination! We like to have everyone get an idea of what’s available her at the Museum, letting the volunteer choose where they’d like to help. Enjoying your job is something we all want everyone to experience.

Volunteer work is always welcomed and appreciated! There are many teams to work with her at the museum, some can’t simply choose one! These volunteers use their interests and skills to lend their help wherever it’s needed. Thank you Elder Sharp, Izzy, and Elder Liddiard for all your hard work!

With many opportunities around each corner, you can lend a helping hand where you feel comfortable. Help our Gamekeeper care for and handle our Animal Ambassadors and teach Animal Shows! Lend a hand to our Gift Shop coordinator by taking and editing pictures and her organization. Learn more about videography and photoshop through assisting our Social Media crew! Keep your talents growing through these amazing opportunities including Marketing, Events, Website design and more!

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