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Treasure Through the Night

As our neighboring city buildings hosted a fun Boo-Thru Trick-or-Treat event for Halloween, we were able to have our own booth as well! Instead of handing out candy, we gave away butterfly stickers and milkweed seed packets! Our volunteers have been working hard to bag the seeds, cut the seed instructions and staple around 800 of these hand outs for families that participate in this fun activity. With the various costumes we would be seeing, we were excited to play our part as a pirate crew!

The Lehi community did a great job making the stroll fun and engaging for all ages! With many families and friends strolling through and seeing all that was available, we handed out nearly 2,000 butterfly stickers and over 750 milkweed seed packets! By educating people around us of the importance of milkweed, we’re thrilled to have their help in Saving the Monarchs! These seeds are best to be planted in the fall, near Halloween. Milkweed will help bring up the Monarch population, starting with you!

Reach out to our Museum staff to know how you can do your part to be involved in our conservation efforts! Happy Halloween from the Hutchings Museum Institute!

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