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Upcoming Events 2022-2023

Growing Beyond Earth | NASA Citizen Science Project

Date:  February – April 2023

Participants:  Volunteer Middle and High School Students (aged 11-18)

Schedule & Location:  Weekly Sessions at Hutchings Museum Institute

Growing Beyond Earth® is a citizen science project operated in partnership with NASA, designed to advance NASA research on growing plants in space. Similar to how plants are grown in the Veggie™️ on the International Space Station, participating students will receive all materials necessary in order to conduct experimental trials, collect data on different crop types and growing techniques, and report these data in a dedicated online portal. The compiled data are accessed by NASA scientists, and plants and methods that succeed in Growing Beyond Earth projects are then tested at Kennedy Space Center. This program provides a steady stream of valuable data to NASA scientists who are developing technologies for growing food crops for long-duration missions into deep space.

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Solar Eclipse Festival

Date:  October 14, 2023

Location:  Hutchings Museum Institute

Eclipses happen when one object in space, like a planet or a moon, passes through the shadow of another object in space. On October 14, 2023, an Annular Solar Eclipse will cross North and South America and will be visible for millions of people in the Western Hemisphere. Come celebrate this celestial event at Hutchings Museum Institute with free eclipse glasses, viewing guides, solar science kits, experiments, and activities! Sign up to be notified when registration opens.

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