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Western Expansion Outreach Programs

Butter Churn Hutchings Museum and Institute Western Settlement Outreach

Western Settlement

The arrival of the pioneers to the Utah area and discuss how life was for those that traveled across the plains and what they did to survive. See pioneer artifacts and what they were used for.

Covers 4th grade standards 1 and 2, 5th grade standards 1, 4, and 5, and strand 7.2

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Wild West

The growth of the west, including mining, farming, and ranching. A brief history of the evolution of communication in the west from the Pony Express, its beginnings and how it influenced the west, to the telegraph system that allowed accelerated communication from the East to the West. We will also discuss how the transcontinental railroad changed the way the west was settled, making travel safer and faster.

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30 Minute Presentation: $100

1 Hour Presentation: $175

*Additional fees may apply for locations more than 30 miles from the museum.

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