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Wild West Exhibit

Human Leather
Leather made from Chauncey Millard’s skin.

The Tale of Chauncey Millard

Chauncey Millard was a drifter from the East. He made his way west and was hired on with Lehi freighters Harland Swett and Chauncey Mayfield. On December 11, 1868, while camped west of Utah Lake, Millard shot and killed Swett and attempted to kill Mayfield. Millard escaped to Cedar Valley but was captured December 18, 1868, by Porter Rockwell.

Chauncey was transported to Provo to stand trial, where he was later sentenced to death. Millard traded his body to Dr. Roberts for a pound of candy, which he ate before his execution by firing squad on January 29, 1869.

Visit the museum to see Chauncey Millard’s Human Leather up close and explore the old Lehi jail.

Artifacts on display in the Wild West Exhibit

Remington Rolling Block Pistol

Brewing Barrel

Powder Horn

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