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The Christmases of today seem a far cry from 1914. But the themes expressed in the trenches and those that graced the headlines of that year are still hauntingly familiar.

This story is true, and it was shared by Walter Cronkite with over 80,000 concertgoers. Download a PDF version of the story with artwork by Robert Barret to help you make Christmas more meaningful for your family this year as well.

WW1 Christmas Truce Book Image 4
WW1 Christmas Truce Book Image 8
WW1 Christmas Truce Book Image 14

Listen to the Story

You can also listen to the story of the Christmas Truce by Walter Cronkite accompanied by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

Download the Narration by clicking the download button in the top right to the left of the three dots.

(If on iPhone or iPad and it opens in the google drive app, tap the three dots, tap open in, then tap drive, tap select a folder and choose a folder, then tap save here, and finally tap upload.)