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Days for Girls Taking Action

Days for Girls has been around since 2008, founded by Celeste Mergens. It is an organization that makes reusable feminine hygiene products and teaches health education to men, women and children. Now that we’ve assembled a Lehi Chapter, volunteers and Museum staff can help make an impact too!

Young girls in countries with poor health care or who are unable to get disposable pads or tampons, miss many days of school due to their periods. They fall behind in their school work, and end up dropping out of school altogether. By giving a young girl a Days for Girls kit, it gave them back the days they might have lost being unable to go to school or do regular activities!

The school in Madagascar opened on the 4th of January, 2021. There are 6-7 teachers  visiting with schools to teach Days for Girls! They were able to get some appointments as early as the 19th of January to teach and will continue their classes. The kids already love the teachings and are so grateful for all the time these teachers are putting forth!

The kits go all over the world – wherever they are needed! With the help of all ages, Hutchings Museum Institute volunteers and staff have hand made kits, packaged and delivered multiple times! From simple tasks as tracing and cutting to surging and sewing, this is an impactful activity for everyone to do! We’ve gone to and delivered kits to Mongolia in 2019 and sent around 250 kits to Madagascar in 2021. Learn more about when we meet and how you can help by reaching out! Once you’ve learned in person, you can bring things home to work on in your own time and pace. As we receive fabric donations, you can learn how to make liners, bags, shields, and transport bags!