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Spreading the Word

July 2, 2022 | Madagascar

Dear all,

It is with happiness again to report to you what has been done. The last student I taught was 419 boys and girls. You will find in the impact tracker the details. And the pictures are below. We had a wonderful time and the school leaders asked me to visit their school earlier in September so many students will attend because they recognised that the teaching was very important and helpful. They were thankful as well.

Also I report to the CISCO Circonscription Scolaire, what has been done and The responsible asked me to tell you that they are so thankful for the teaching and the kits that were shared. They want us to continue teaching even next school year.

Finally, I went back to one of the schools I visited before. And the Assistant Principal was thankful as well, and he said that he was about to call me because the World Bank came to visit them and asked for something that went well in the school, and he said,” I told them that you Days for Girls visited us and taught the student about something important for the youth, I told them that I really appreciate the work done. And they asked me to give them the name of your Organization so I gave them and they might contact you.” I am glad he shared how he felt about the training with other people.

With love

From the Girls in Madagascar