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New News for Fox News

Yesterday afternoon we had the awesome opportunity to have Fox News visit! They interviewed our Manager and Director discussing the artifact that always gets people in awe; the human leather of an outlaw.

The story of Chauncey Millard has always been unknown when it comes to his background, but his notorious choice to trade his body for a bag of candy before execution is told and preserved here at the Museum.

In December of 1868, Millard shot and killed Swett and attempted to kill Mayfield. He was able to escape to Cedar Valley but was captured a week later by Porter Rockwell. Being transported to Provo to stand trial, he was sentenced to death. Millard traded his body to Dr. Roberts for a pound of candy, which he ate before his execution by firing squad on January 29, 1869.

Leah stated, “It was a pretty good experience to talk about the Museum! It’s fun to be able to share what I love to do with those that are able to pass on the information.” You can view the publication of Fox 13 online and see this unique leather in person or virtual!

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