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Monthly Reports

Dear all,

Happy to share with you my report. At this time the kidnapping of young girls is on the highest level. Just this week they register 4 cases of kidnappings of girls around 15 to 18 years old. The importance and impact of our teaching at schools is so meaningful, now more than ever because apart from puberty and menstruation, we teach them self-defense. I’m so greatfull that what we do can save lives and help them to be conscientious of danger.
Love you all,

Dear all,

The teaching and sharing are going well. We already received appointments from New schools next week. They love teaching, and they are more than grateful for the kits, I hope that soon you’ll be able to come to Madagascar and feel their joys and gratitudes.
Best regards

Dear all,

Please find attached a video we make asking the girls about the impact of the teaching and the sharing kits.
Due to the weather, the study of the kids are disturbed just in 2 months we faced 5 cyclones.
They said that there is still one dépression on the Indien océan we hope that it will not attend us again.
More than ever let us grow our faith and trust God and stick to his plan of salvation.
Hope we Will all stay safe.
Love you all

Hello Everyone,

It is a pleasure for me to share with you the picture of the girls and boys that I taught last week. They were so kind and interested in the teachings. They asked a lot of questions and participated a lot. They love the teachings and they asked me if I can come and visit them often. I love them too. Even the teacher was interested and asked questions as well.
With love,

Dear everyone,

I have been visiting schools last week. And was able to share kits to the girls I thought last year. They were so cute and so thankful. They shared the pictures on their Facebook account. The Headmaster of the school said that there was a very big change in the girl’s life after the teaching of Days for Girls and they are so thankful.
I am now waiting for one new school to call me as the headmaster promised. I will let you know the outcome. I also went to the CISCO Antsirabe II, they gave me permission to teach at all schools under their supervision.
Here are some pictures of the sharing kit and the school I visited.
Yours Sincerely

Dear all,

I am glad to share with you the wonderful moment I spent teaching. This time I faced a very New situation with this school showing that our présence at school can change any situation. When I taught about self-defense to the students at school after the teaching one girl came to me and asked:” what if there is someone who harasses us at school? ” I explain to her that she should tell the teacher and then to their parents if needed! Earing that 3 more girls came and, I was socked earing them all saying that the person who harass them was their teacher, I could see in their face that they were afraid. Today I going to see what I can do to help them, I go back to this school and figure out this situation.
Thank you so much for your support, this program is not just about menstruation and kits. This is a life-changing program. With all our Love, Princess

Dear all,

I want to wish you all happy New year! This period of the year is full of imprévisible évents so due to the weather gouvernement close again public schools to avoid incident, lastly few days ago it rained a lot so there was inondation in Mamy places, they annonced also that there is cyclone that will impact Madagascar in a few days.
We still manage to do some distributions, so this time ,I meet some girls in their house and had a discussions  with them, they were so greatful and happy to receive their kits, I asked also the permission to their parents to allow me to do little vidéos of them after they use the kits so they accepted.  Once, the schools reopen again we can do the vidéo with they girls who received kits previously.
I couldn’t send the E-mail from the so I send it with this mail.
Best regards, Soafeno

Dear all,

We had a great opportunity to teach 3 classes they were around 160 students this week. The kids were interested,  attentive and they enjoyed the teachings. Best regards, Princess

When I came to share kits in this school, the director was very thankful, she said the girls changed a lot, becoming better people every day. It is encouraging to hear that the lesson passes. They send their love to all of you for the kits you sent. With love, Nilda


It is always a pleasure to share with you thé news from hère, I had an opportunity to distribute thé kids, with EPP Mahazoarivo 2, they were so grateful for thé kits and Happy. They practiced how to use thé kits. It was wonderful. They Saïd, thank you all for giving them the opportunity to have their own Healthy pads. Some of thém did not have panties but now they do have. So hère are some pictures we took. Yours Sincerely, Nilda

Congratulations Soafeno Madagascar!

I am honored to let you know that the Soafeno Madagascar DfG  Enterprise has been officially registered as a Gold Certified DfG Enterprise.  Congratulations! We know the amount of effort and dedication it takes to reach this status.  Well done!  You will find your official certificate attached.  Please extend our best wishes and congratulations to your team.

Dear all,

We wanted to report that We had an interview with Kim Christensen, Chief development officer of Days for Girls international. We discuss: how is our project running, how do we find the cohort program, what is our next step with Days for girls, what support do we need to keep the project running.
The interview was very great and went well.
At the end of the interview, she told that she will do a report of our interview and see what they can do to support Soafeno DFG Madagascar.
We want to tell you all guys that thru all the processes we all went, we really feel your love and your support. Earing that you couldn’t make the trip to Madagascar makes us sad but we are sure that God has a great plan and we will surely have another opportunity to meet with you all.
Kind regard
Team Madagascar

“We wanted to let you know that during the month of November we were able to confirm some appointments and started to teach at those schools DFG lessons. The experiences we feel about it me and Nilda were amazing ,those children are wonderful and we feel blessed to be able to help theme in our way by DFG program especially with girls. We are very excited about the next step, we hope and pray that the enterprise will be accepted. We hope also that the DFG kits will be available soon, that will make a huge difference because that will help the school and the kids understand more easily the concept of washable kits.

We have a question related to the office supplies expenses such as envelop to provide for schools and a lot of printing, plastifications,… , most of the school do not have email but paper printed is needed. So will it be possible for you to assiste us on those need? That will be around 200000MGA = around 54$ if 1usd = 3700MGA.We will make sure all  expenses we made, we get an invoice in every details and will be reported to you.

We take some pictures of them, please find attached.

PS: There are some pictures from my side that can be called ”DFB” (Days For Boys) because the school who accepted insisted that Boys also attended the Class because they said that boys also needed to know about reproductive health.That was funny.

Warm regards

Team Madagascar”

From the Girls in Madagascar