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Spreading the Word

October 25, 2022 | Madagascar

Dear everyone

I’ve been a bit absent lately, not because I haven’t been working but because of problems with the camera phone and the transmission cable. But now the problem has been resolved and I will try to be on time for future reports, I promise. I am so sorry and  apologize for any trouble this may have caused you.
Now, allow me to report on the things that happen from the start of the school year.
First, I would like to thank you for always being there for us and the girls and for the patience and love you have, may God bless you more.
Secondly, I went to the “Circonscription scolaire” to get new authorization to teach within the schools and report to them about how many kits we have shared freely to the girls, and how many schools have been visited and so on. They were so grateful and wanted us to keep teaching the girls.
I started to teach on 5th of October ( Les Elites school) , and those girls started to observe the moon and report to me often how they felt there were 23 girls attending. In general they like it. Last week, I taught in EPP Bevokatra, It was amazing to talk to those students who were so many and adorable. There were 73 girls and 67 boys. Last was on Sunday, there was a Parents conference and the school invited me to give training to the parents before teaching the students. It was an amazing moment, they enjoyed it and they were very thankful. There were 222 men , 450 women and 17 boys and 19 girls attending. So altogether there were 708 people who came to listen to what Days for Girls has to teach.

From the Girls in Madagascar