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A Step into the Past

Our volunteers, Elder Ledbetter and Sister Palmer, have been working on digitizing tapes with recordings of John Hutchings! Hearing his own words, what he’s learned and how he found things is a great way to see and understand his journey as he helped bring us what we have today. Listen as John explains how he came about these artifacts and what they are! The story each artifact carries has pushed John every day of his life to know what else he can find in this ever changing world. What may seem simple and every day finding could open a new world of discoveries! Keep your knowledge growing as you learn how Variscite is formed, the story of Chauncy Millard, the making of Native American art and so much more!

With the help of determined volunteers, we can get things done more efficiently and available to the community sooner. Spending their time and effort here, we’re able to expand their talents, learn new skills and see history in a new light.  After all, even John had help from his own family and friends to educate and present history in a new, engaging way. How can you help the community around you and keep your history alive?

From a young age, John has always been collecting items he found, storing them for safe keeping. His curiosity led him all around, not just in the Lehi area. Here at the Hutchings Museum Institute, we look to inspire that same curiosity within those that visit – to learn from history and the knowledge, stories and wisdom it carries.

We continue to expand his collection through donations, from family, those in the area, and even items that people don’t know what to do with! With his collection growing, we’re excited to be able to preserve and display these donations within our expansion. With the help of the community and our partners, we’re driven to keep this unique collection alive and education growing! John’s life gave us a new way of seeing the different ways people live, amazing the world with geologic findings and keeping memories alive. While some keep journals, pictures or sharing experiences, you can keep your life’s success and knowledge too!

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