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On The Lookout

A new addition of history to our visitors! In January of 2021, we’ve placed a framed painting by Rick Kennington in our Native American room to touch a new perspective and significant story of a Shoshone watching as the US Army approaches. Take a listen as Shoshone Chief Darren Parry shares this impactful story from their perspective. Stay connected through events like these as we continue learning more about untold history, spreading knowledge, and encouraging conservation.

As we continue hearing both sides of the story, we’re eager to share this history with you! Not only can you view this masterpiece in person, but you can show it in your home. Available in our Gift Shop, there’s a variety of sizes along with more of Rick’s featured paintings to remember through art. Learning about cultures and people not only helps understanding, but also broadens the “simple” things into what makes it part of us.

Native Americans have always had a deep respect for the land and were ecologists. 60% of the present world’s food supply today comes from the American Indians’ agriculture, such as squash, beans, and corn (the Threee Sisters), tomatoes, peppers, nuts, melons, cocoa, potatoes and sunflower seeds. Many sports came from them as well! Canoeing, snowshoeing, lacrosse, relay races, tug-of-wars, and ball games are just a few of the games early Native Americans played and still enjoy today. Youth groups such as Scouts, Campfire and YMCA Guides have programs based largely on Native American crafts. Did you know more than 8,000 Native Americans volunteered and served during World War I? And over 24,000 served during World War II.

Our volunteers are full of  individual talents! Using these skills, we can have many opportunities available to them. The past few months, one of our volunteers has been sketching up a draft for our Lehi Veterans! This Mural shows men and women from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWII, and Vietnam War. Each of these wars as made a significant impact to our world, still to this day. American military history shares the heritage of the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen of the U.S. Military. These conflicts have important consequences on infrastructure, public health provision, and social order, which is often overlooked and unappreciated.

In February, we had this hand drawn Mural by Elder Liddiard placed in the Veterans Basement. You can visit it yourself by calling in today! We’re overjoyed to be able to share our love and support – thank you for your service!

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