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Timpanogos Cave to Open Late June, 2023

National Park Services Rangers for the Timpanogos Cave National Monument recently visited the Hutchings Museum Institute said they were hoping the trail to the Timpanogos Cave would open May 30th.

But due to the heavy snow of a rough winter, Rangers confirmed the cave and trail will remain closed until late June as crews work to repair major sections of the trail.

The Rangers visited the Hutchings Museum Institute to view the collection of cave specimens collected by John Hutchings years ago.

Helectites, Stalactites, soda straws, and other cave rock formations were collected by Hutchings after he discovered the entrance to Timpanogos Cave.

Timpanogos Cave is one of three caves comprising the Timpanogos Cave National Monument – Hansens Cave, Middle Cave, and Timpanogos Cave.
Rangers provide tours, security, conservation measures, and maintain the cave and 1.5 mile trail.
Many people don’t realize that John Hutchings discovered Timpanogos Cave and later with two friends explored and provided tours.

Hutchings found the entrance after following some cougar tracks, he discovered while looking for timber in American Fork Canyon.

Timpanogos Cave formations are on display at the Hutchings Museum Institute.

Hutchings Museum team exploring the trail to Timpanogos Cave.

The Rangers visited Hutchings to see specimens and learn about the early history of the cave.

The John Hutchings Timpanogos Cave Exhibit can be found at the Hutchings Museum Institute where visitors can now visit to learn all about the cave before going to the cave in late June.

John Hutchings and the discovery of Timpanogos Cave 

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