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We’ve Officially Partners With Girl Scouts to “Explore the Past”

February 15,2023

Girl Scouts at the Hutchings Museum Institute

Girl Scouts came to the Hutchings Museum Institute to earn the Girl Scout Badge “Playing the Past”.  Girls and their leaders dressed up in bonnets, aprons, and dresses as they learned about frontier life. It was a cold evening and they got to experience the Austin Family log cabin and think about life in a harsh winter with no central heating.

They learned about different chores that children had to help their families.  Washing clothes, candle making, carting wool, and making butter.  The girls played marbles, learned to use morse code, and spent some time in jail.

Badge Description and Requirements:

Explore what it was like to live in the past.

Dream up a character and get ready to live history!

1. Decide who you are
2. Create a costume
3. Experience daily life
4. Have some old-fashioned fun
5. Become your character

Playing the Past Girl Scout Badge
GirlScouts Making Bread at Hutchings Museum Institute
Girl Scouts at Hutchings Museum Institute
Girl Scouts at Hutchings Museum Institute

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